A baby monitor app

My Baby Monitor is a mobile app that will help you watch your sleeping baby. Use two mobile devices and an internet connection to stay close to your baby wherever you are.

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Easy to setup

No accounts, just 1 action and you're ready to go. Even connecting to another device just requires a simple tap.

A free trial

You can try My baby monitor 2 days for free. After that you have to pay. Only one family member needs to pay for the account.

Access from everywhere

You can connect to a baby unit from everywhere. It doesn't matter if you are on a 3G, LTE or WIFI connection. It just works.

Listen, View, Talk

Stay connected, always. You can listen, view and talk to your baby like never before. Or use lullabies to calm your baby.

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Your device used like never before

In a restaurant, on the beach or in your backyard, you always want to stay close to your baby. All you need is a working internet connection and the app will take care of the rest.

  • Works over WIFI 3G and LTE
  • Audio and video support
  • Multi platform (coming soon)
  • Constant updates
  • and many more...

A self improving baby monitor

My baby monitor has some great benefits over a traditional baby monitor. We listen to our customers for feedback and new functions they want to see.

  • It's way cheaper and has the same or more functions
  • It works everywhere via 3G LTE and WIFI
  • You have it always by hand
  • Constant updates with cool new functions
  • and many more...
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My Baby Montor video screen

Multi platform, multi parent

My Baby Monitor is an app that gets updated regularly. Our goal is to support all major platforms. Also, each parent can join an active baby monitor to view, listen and talk to your baby.

  • Multi parent support - join from different devices
  • Full HD audio and video
  • No subscription - just a one time payment

Privacy, we respect it

Security comes first not only when raising children, but also when it comes to sensitive information. My Baby Monitor is using the newest encryption protocols to keep your data safe.

Your data, stays your data

Every time you use the app, you can do this with confidence. My Baby Monitor does not collect any personal information from users to resell it to advertisers or other organizations.

Connections are secure

When you use the app, connections are encrypted with the newest standarts. Take for example a connection between 2 devices, the connection is fully encrypted and even made without a server in between when possible.

Crafted with detail for a great use!

Just one system with massive functions.

12K+ happy parents

We can say that the current app version is a great success, but we need to go to the next step with our 12k+ active users. We are going to do that with new functions, new platforms, en with a brand new app. All existing users with the pro pack get a free upgrade.

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