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What is the best Baby Monitor app in 2019?


Smartphones can be a substitute for almost everything. One such use case is to use them as baby monitors. If you have some spare devices laying around the house, you can actually turn these into baby monitors that will alert you when your child is crying. That’s why we start building My Baby Monitor, this is an app first build for IOS and the WEB, after that we are building the Android version.

What we Look For in a Baby Monitor

Here are the factors we took into consideration when building our video baby monitor. Keeping these criteria in our mind will help us to create the right monitor for your needs.

  • Multi parent: We think it is very important for parents to use every device they want. To connect from every device, and connect from multiple devices at the same time.
  • Range: Range is also a very important factor, you want to connect from everywhere. The My Baby Monitor app (Launching 2019 ) is going to support WIFI, 3G and LTE. So you are sure it can reach every area of your home.
  • Camera: We want to give the parents a rich and bright experience, that’s why the camera uses 720 HD streams. So it can give you a good view of your child’s room.
  • Audio: My Baby Monitor has a push-to-talk feature so you can soothe your baby remotely. Another audio feature is the ability to play lullabies. 
  • Special Features: We are open to special feature request, so we can build the app that you want.

How to turn your old smartphone into a baby monitor?

Turning your old smartphone into a baby monitor is easy. You just need two smartphones and an internet connection. One of the phones, will act as a camera in your baby’s bedroom. The other smartphone(s) will be the monitor on which you can access your baby’s video feed.

The new app is not ready for download (yet). But you can subscribe to our mailing list for a free download when the app is ready to install. We will sent you an invite when we are ready.

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